Dentist Oslo

Are you looking for a riktig tannelege in Oslo?

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Dentist Oslo

We are a team of over 10 dentists in Oslo. We are conveniently located in three different locations in Oslo. We guarantee an emergency appointment during the day and provide both general and speciality dental care. We all speak fluent english and have several years of experience.

We are located in

  • Tøyen– A couple of minutes from the city centre ( Oslo S) and Grønland
  • Grefsen– Nearby Storo shopping centre (Oslo’s largest shopping centre)
  • Sandaker– Nearby  popular Grünerløkka

To make an appointment you can call us:

  • Tøyen Dental clinic: 22 19 18 00
  • Grefsen Dental clinic: 22 15 25 15
  • Sandaker Dental clinic: 22 15 20 00

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